August 05, 2013

Fall 2013 Programs

Fall 2013 Programs

We have three fall programmed events for the 2013 season.  Please review the program information, prices and schedules below.  Camp Nawakwa is beautiful during the fall as the colors change.  It's a wonderful time to be at Camp!

Home School Week: Sept 7-14, 2013: $650 per family/cabin 
Welcome to YMCA Family Camp Nawakwa Home School Week!

The day’s Learning Sessions will be based on an “Action/Reflection” process of learning. This consists of interacting with a concept and then discussing or debriefing the connections and meanings of what they have just seen. They will all be presented in a multi-disciplinary and connective way. Nature, culture/ history, science, inter-personal connections, and self-reflection will be included in each of the sessions. A notebook and pencil is recommended for each student.

Teaching events will be set up to engage most age groups. The afternoon programs will be designed to entertain the whole family. While they are listed as “fun” activities the afternoon events can be applied to many subjects of study. For example: Archery is a state recognized P.E. credit. Please consider how you can use the whole week for your educational benefit. Call with questions.

Women's Retreat: Sept 19-22: $170/person or $160/person if you Register before August 15
ESCAPE TO A QUIET PLACE!! Come to this peaceful place in the north woods and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.  The weekend’s event will surround you with peacefulness, good company and peak fall colors.  Hike our one mile long nature trail that meanders through the woods and alongside the lake…take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and experience the silence of the Northwoods.  Join us for a relaxing north woods retreat at YMCA Camp Nawakwa!  It's a restful weekend for the ladies. Register Online or Review and print the flyer, program schedule, and registration form here.  

Fall Harvest Family Camp: October 11-14: $387/family
This is wonderful time to spend with your family during the three day Columbus weekend.  Pumpkin carving, pontoon tours, arts and crafts, orienteering, canoeing, kayaking, and campfires are all part of the weekend activites.  Review the scheduled programs below.


Sample of Home School Week schedule:

Sunday morning: This is a great time to relax and also explore the camp. Getting to know your camp is going to help you have a great week. Take a bike or a canoe and check the place out. Out there!

10:00 Chapel in His creation: We will be heading off to discover one of the many lessons God has built into the order of the world around us. This time will be an adventure connected to a devotional thought. It will be outdoors unless it is raining. We will move into the lodge in that case. We will most likely be in the Pontoon or involve some very light walking. Plan to spend about an hour and 15 minutes.

We will meet on the porch of South Camp Lodge and depart from there.

12:00 Family Cookout: Grab the family and head down to the North Camp beach for lunch. We'll have the coals ready. The Director and Camp staff will all be there to meet your family. Bring your own burgers, brats, chicken, or whatever you like to grill for your family and bring a dish to pass for others. Don’t forget your plates, silverware and drinks. North Camp Beach

1:00 New Camper Orientation and Emergency system Test: We would like to give everyone a brief introduction to the Camp Nawakwa culture. We’ll cover things like garbage, laundry, waterfront, Program Schedule, Bikes, equipment use and general camp information. If you have any questions this is a great time to ask them. The Nawakwa staff will give you instructions on what we would do if there is a severe weather threat, forest fire or missing person. North Camp Beach benches

1:30 Canoe and Kayak Safety & Instruction followed by a tour of the lake: we recommend that folks who have no previous experience with small water craft join us for a fun lesson on how to handle these super flexible and fun craft. For those who have handled them before, you may learn something new. We will teach canoe-ers how to do a “J” stroke and “C” stroke, to steer the canoe properly. We also can work on your ergonomics and bio-mechanics. We also plan to tip a canoe and show you how rescue friends who get into trouble on the seven seas. It would be a good idea to come prepared to get wet. Did you know that you can steer the canoe by paddling on one side of the canoe through the whole trip? How do you keep from going around in circles? Should I be wearing a life vest? These and many other mysteries of the deep will be revealed to those who join us. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the kayaks without adult accompaniment.

North Camp Beach

3:00 Archery: Camp Nawakwa will have an Archer available to help you get to the next level whatever level you are happen to be at. Athletic Field

7:30 Opening Campfire: We will get together and sing some songs, do some skits, tell some stories, and do some other traditional campfire stuff. We will also introduce the ideas and schedule for the week. Come join the fun! South Camp Lodge


9:30 – 12:00 Learning session: Team work and the inter-connection of nature.

Learning how to learn from others and letting others learn from us.

2:00 Bike/Powell Marsh observation deck tour: The staff will guide us to Little Trout Lake where they have a High Tree observation deck. We can walk there from the road on either the land trail OR the wet and cool Water route. Both will be a little soggy. Bring shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. The biking will be easy. Mostly flat or very gentle hills. Ok. There is one descent hill. Gotta get a little cardio. The total distance will be approx. 6 miles on bike and about 1.5 on foot. The overlook…um …overlooks the Powell Marsh and you can see some of the wildlife there. It should take us about an hour and a half. Feel free to use your own bike if you wish.

Be sure to bring some water and a snack. North Camp Bike Shelter

3:30 Leather Working: For those who would like to invest some time in creating a lasting memory for, yourself or someone else, we are happy to be able to offer Leather craft. Come see how it works and bring your imagination. Be prepared to spend a couple hours to make something nice. We have a variety of kits available. They range in price starting at $2.00. From scratch projects are charged by the inch of leather depending on the type of leather and hardware selected. South Camp Lodge

8:00 Night hike: The Camp Nawakwa staff love to lead night time hikes….but only if they have lots of company. They are totally fearless…unless, of course they are alone. Please come with us and feed your adventuresome spirit. The staff will have a number of activities that will help the bold hikers experience the night time world. Everyone is welcome. Please wear good, protective shoes.

Women's Weekend Schedule

Our schedule is intended to invite you in to all the activities but letting you do your own thing if you would like.   All of the activities and events listed are optional.  In addition to the listed events, camp has many activities perfect for exploration on your own.  Canoes, kayaks, bicycles, hikes, row boats, and more are available at any time. 


4:00 Check in @ Welcome Center

7:00 Wine & Cheese Welcome Reception


7:30-9:00 a.m. Breakfast

Morning activities include: Sunrise meditation, art experience, hiking, massages or self directed activities such as canoeing, biking, relaxing and rejuvenating

11:30-1:00 Lunch

Afternoon activities include: Wardrobe workshop, pontoon boat tours of Big Crooked Lake, massages or self directed activities

6:00 Dinner

8:00 Campfire featuring fancy s'mores


7:30-9:00 a.m. Breakfast

Morning activities include: Craft workshop, group bike outing, massages or self directed activities

11:30 – 1:30   Kayak/canoe picnic lunch

Afternoon activities include: Color analysis workshop, yoga, massages or self directed activities

4:00  Poetry workshop with author Beth Tornes

6:00  Dinner

7:00  Discussion of Ojibwa oral history project


7:30 – 9:00 am     Breakfast

Check Out   Leisurely departure from Camp

Bikes, canoes and kayaks are always available for your use. 

Schedule subject to change



Fall Harvest Family Camp Schedule: 


4:00 Activities and tours for new families as they arrive.

7:00 Welcome. Fall treats, games, and Hot chocolate.


8:00 Early Paddle (choose canoe or Kayak)

10:00 Pumpkin Carving

1:00 Orienteering

4:30 Pontoon tour

6:30 Pictionary

8:00 Evening hike and Nature experience


8:00 Early Hike (Hopefully with good lighting for great photos)

10:00 Leather working projects

1:00 Bike ride

3:00 Fall games and Harvest party

7:00 Candle walk to Lodges

8:00 Story Fire at the Ojibwe Lodges


Free day. Have fun!

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